A Surprising Way to Spend Easter

A Surprising Way to Spend Easter

Happy Easter!

I don’t know how you normally spend Easter. For me and my family, it usually involves Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, dressing up real nice and lunch with extended family.

Not this year, baby!

Hey, not that I don’t love extended family, but this Easter my family and I are in Florida on Spring Break – at Harry Potter World!

We’re very grateful to be going on vacation together as a family and wish you all warm sunshine and love…you know, the kind we’ll be enjoying for real in Florida!

Hey, by the way, speaking of love, I just signed up as a featured vendor on the #1 Wedding website on the planet – theKnot.com. Check out my vendor page for Your Custom Love Song [ https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/your-custom-love-song-chicago-il-869796 ].

Looking forward to spreading the “custom song love” to some new couples. If you know anyone that’s getting married, celebrating an anniversary, renewing their vows or maybe needing to patch things up, please don’t hesitate to let them know about this great opportunity to have their own custom love song. They’ll thank you for it!

Cheers and Bunny Ears!