A Year in Positive Perspective

Happy New Year!

My daughter Carley, who loves to beat people at cribbage, spent the night with her Papa and Tada for New Year’s eve. When she came home today, she told me how her Tada had beat her in three games of cribbage!

In true fatherly fashion I asked her, “Well, did you learn anything? Because, it’s only a loss if you didn’t learn anything.”

If you get beat by someone or something and don’t learn from the experience, that’s truly a defeat.

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit beat up by 2017. Maybe it wasn’t all you hoped it would be. What can you learn from it?

I want to share with you about a mind shift I had around what I thought was a loss of a year in 2017, and how I turned it into positive energy, momentum and hope for 2018.

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Here’s wishing you an absolutely fantastic new year!

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