One of the most powerful tools that I have personally used to experience change for the better in my life is affirmations. It’s amazing how my emotional, mental and spiritual life has improved by intentionally programming my mind with empowering thoughts.

Several years ago, when became aware of how effective positive affirmations can be, I began to wonder what would happen if I made up my own affirmations using the Bible as a source of inspiration.

From that curiosity I created an ebook called 101 Daily Christian Affirmations and published it on


Over the years, it has always been my intention to create audio programs based on those affirmations.

Well, recently I have done just that. I’ve created a few short audio affirmation programs on a new YouTube channel I have created called Daily Christian Affirmations
. I have created sessions for Confidence, Addiction Recovery and Stress and Anxiety Relief.

If this sounds like it would be interesting to you, I want to invite you to visit this new YouTube channel here
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Thanks, and have a great week!