Being a Rock Star Part 2

Are you ready for the exciting conclusion?

Last week, if you remember, I mentioned how I think the paradigm of
what it is to be a rock star is changing. It’s no longer so much
about what the fans can do for the Rock Star, but what the Rock
Star can do for their fans.

This week I want to touch on another very important aspect of being
a Rock Star.

You see, a lot of people DREAM of being a rock star. It’s another
thing all together to BELIEVE YOU REALLY ARE ONE!

As I was writing my email last week, I was feeling torn. Part of me
wanted to call myself a rock star, and the other part of me thought
that was pretty foolish.

I could think of a million obvious reasons why I am not a Rock
Star. I couldn’t think of any reasons that would legitimize that

However, Mohammed Ali is quoted as saying “I am the greatest, I
said that even before I knew I was.” He had a prophecy about
himself, and it came true.

We are GREAT, You and I. You know how I know that? Because we were
created in the image of greatness. We should feel no shame or
shyness about thinking that we are Rock Stars. I want you to
believe that you really are great, that you can do amazing things.

Don’t let the possible reality that you haven’t done anything that
you feel to be truly amazing yet influence your belief about what
you’re capable of in the future.

Maybe you already feel like a rock star. If that’s the case, I say
“AMEN!” Unfortunately, that’s not a place that most people come
from on a day-to-day basis.

Let today be the first day you start manifesting Rock Star status
in your life!

(Oh, and by the way, next week I am going to have some even more
exciting news for you!)


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