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A Helpful New Year Perspective

As I reflected on my year in 2017, my initial feeling was not very positive. I did not have a helpful new year perspective, because I had a lot of negative self-talk about the old year. I began to wonder where the time went and how it was that an[…]

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No Difference is Too Small

Do you ever feel like the little things you do just aren’t that significant? Keep reading to discover one way I realized that no difference is too small. In the summer of 2015 I heard a podcast interview with Scott Harrison who started the organization charity:water. He was talking about[…]

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Three Keys to Unstoppable Self Confidence

You’ve probably discovered by now, as I have, that fear, doubt and insecurity can stop you dead in your tracks. They can prohibit your dreams, goals and aspirations from coming to fruition. Whether you’re going on an interview, a first date, giving a speech or just simply trying to get[…]

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