Can I Use This Analogy?

Whether or not you’re a football fan, football season is upon us!

I’ve found the game of football to hold some helpful lessons for me
in my spiritual battles.

In football, you have 2 teams fighting against each other. Each has
the same goal – to win!

When you are on offense, trying to make forward progress and score
some points (or advance your cause), nothing is more discouraging

* Fumbling the ball and turning it over

* Throwing an interception
* Getting sacked
* Getting penalized
* Losing your star player – or any player for that matter – to an
* The clock running out before you can score one more time to try
to win

But these are all part of the game, aren’t they? All these things
can happen (except for the last one), and yet you can still win the

It all depends on your mental attitude, or mental toughness, and
your faith.

That’s been the story of my week. I got a little beat up this week,
and it was hard not to focus on all the negative stuff. I fumbled a
couple of times. I got intercepted a couple times. It felt like I
even got sacked and had to be put on injured reserve. Can you

Despite the challenges, as I looked back on my week, I remembered
some really amazing stuff happened! Here’s just a few…

* The girl who invited me to church over 25 years ago, who I had
lost touch with and hadn’t spoken with in many years, got in touch
with me again. It was great catching up with her and seeing how far
we’ve come in the last quarter of a century.
* I watched a bunch of heart-moving videos produced by Arise
Africa [ ] – one of the
organizations I support. God has put it on my heart to write a
theme song for them, which I began and am very excited about.
* And here’s an interesting one…I made peanut sauce for the
first time ever, and it was awesome!
So, even though there was a little back-and-forth, I’m still in
the game and still battling to win!

How about you? Did you have any “touch downs” this week? Let me


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