Can You Believe This?

I just took advantage of a sale that my favorite bookstore, Half-Price Books was having. Every so often they send out money-saving coupons. Today I was able to save 50% on my most expensive item!

One of the books that I bought is called Believing – The Neuroscience of Fantasies, Fears and Convictions by Michael McGuire. I bought this book because I am fascinated by beliefs.

You know what I’ve discovered? That we are believing creatures – everyone of us. We all have beliefs. Not only do we all have the ability and capacity to believe, but in fact everything we do is governed by our beliefs!

The mistake is to think that beliefs only pertain to the realm of the religious…while everything else is based on science. Even people that “don’t believe in God” have beliefs. One of their beliefs is that they believe there is no God.

Since everything we do – every action we take and every thought we have – is governed by our beliefs, don’t you think it’s incredibly important to understand a little bit about them?

Certainly this past week I have seen a LOT of people demonstrating their beliefs. What gets people into an uproar? Their beliefs. Are you with me?

Since this is such an important topic, I will be sharing with you what I discover in this book and about my own beliefs.

For now, I just want to make you aware of the importance of our beliefs and encourage you to start becoming aware of your beliefs and how they are affecting your thoughts and behavior.

​​​​​​​Until next time, don’t stop believin’!

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