Charity Water

Charity Water

Help me celebrate my birthday
by supporting a great cause!

Here’s the intro video making it’s way around social media…

What’s Happening

I’m having a birthday! I will be celebrating my 47th birthday on September 1st, 2015. To celebrate, I’m asking all my friends to help me raise $4700 for an organization that provides clean water to villages onĀ 4 continents.

To make it fun and interesting, I will be sharing photos and videos on my various social media channels every day.

I also want to give my friends the opportunity to share in the fun.

What’s in it for you?

Besides the obvious good vibes you’ll get from knowing that you’ll be supporting a great cause, you will have the opportunity to share your photos and ideas, which could be used in the final song and music video!

How to support


Help spread the word to your friends via email and social media. You can use this handy short link that will send people right to my donation page on the carity: water website –

You can use the hashtag #StevesBirthdayWish. You can also share and retweet posts that I put on my social media channels.


Visit my campaign page on the charity water website. There you can give a financial donation and learn even more about the project that you are supporting.

About the Organization

Charity Navigator gives the charity: water organization a 4/4 star ranking. Their high ranking and transparency, along with their guarantee that 100% of your donation dollars go directly to meeting the needs, makes this a “charity of choice” for me.

Visit the charity water website to find out more about what they are doing to relieve the suffering.

My purpose in creating a song and a music video is not to make anybody feel bad or guilty about the water we use. The purpose of my song project is to create an awareness and therefore a gratitude for this precious resource that we have. My hope is that, when we realize how abundantly we are blessed with fresh clean water, we will be motivated to share the opportunity for the same blessing with others.

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