How much is it costing you to stay where you are?

In life and in business, there are ups and downs that we all need help navigating. I am a product of coaching. I would certainly not be where I am today if it were not for the coaching I have received.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot

If you want to experience powerful transformation in your life or business, shorten the distance from A to B or ease the learning curve, listen to the experts…

“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life.”Chicago Tribune
“If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach.”Denver Post
“Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization.”HR Monthly

Inside Out, With the End in Mind

I work with individuals and entrepreneurs to target their goals, discern their obstacles and find their flow to their ideal outcomes.

If you’re feeling stuck, or afraid to take that next step alone, we should talk. Here’s what others have said after working with me…


“I am lucky to have had Steve recommended to me. Steve had great insight and gave me great input on the direction I wanted to take my business and who I wanted to appeal to. Additionally, Steve is a mastermind at coming up with ideas from everything to marketing to product development. At every brainstorming session, I always came away with new ideas/ways to move my business forward. One of the best things that I had from Steve, though, was that he was great at follow-up. As a coach, Steve always made sure I was moving toward my goals. If I wasn’t, he did what he could do to help me help myself. I would highly recommend Steve!”

— Suzanne Berkey

“Hi, my name is Zhanna and I had the privilege to work with Steve Pederson. After working with Steve I am absolutely sure that having a coach in your life is what helps you to move closer toward your goals with more confidence, but having a caring and genuinely vested-in-your-success coach is a game changer!

Steve is an amazing human being, a skilled professional coach and a very loving father. This combination makes his skills unique and stand out on the marketplace.

When he listens, he really LISTENS to you. It is a huge talent nowadays. Steve is often guided by his intuition that never failed him throughout my work with him.

He is very patient, loving, knowledgeable, ready to inspire you and equip you with actionable steps that he himself keeps you accountable for. He is your lottery ticket for more internal freedom, confidence and staying in action at all times.”

— Zhanna Shpits

“Steve is a great listener and has a compassionate heart; two things that are absolutely essential in facilitating change in your life and business. He also has a no-nonsense attitude and a way of cutting to the chase that comes in handy, too. He believed in me, supported me and gave me invaluable practical input on how to improve my business. Steve is a great person to call if you’re ready to get to work and want support.”

— Sandra Winter

Take the next step…

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