Empower Students to Be the Difference!

Empower Students to Be the Difference!

The struggle is very real. Anyone can be a victim of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, suicidal thoughts and even suicide. The staggering statistics are saying that these are serious mental health conditions that are steadily on the rise, particularly on our college campuses all across the nation.

I work, not only to combat these issues and help students get by, but to help students develop the powerful tools they need to thrive and make a difference!

I help students to own, feel and unleash their potential for making a positive impact in their world.

Your students will discover:

  • They already have everything they need to make a difference
  • Making a difference begins with powerful beliefs about yourself
  • How to be a catalyst for positive change

The Takeaways –

Own it – Your students will discover how to own their strengths and nurture them to make a difference. When they own their strengths their impact grows.

Feel it – Inspired action and behaviors come naturally when we feel good about ourselves and our ability to make a difference. I enable students to take charge of their emotions, even during challenging times, and make a bigger impact in their world.

Unleash it – The decision to take positive action takes courage. Whether that’s standing up to peer pressure or conquering new challenges, your students will go away with the tools that empower them to be more confident in themselves, their choices and their ability to be the difference.

Powerful Stories and Engaging Songs

I not only share my personal stories from my own journal as a teenager and college student, I also perform original songs that get your students up on their feet to join in the excitement.

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