Could You be 3 Feet from Gold?

I’ve got some really great news to share with you, but before I do,
I want to ask you…

Have you ever heard of the story Three Feet from Gold?

It’s the story of a man who was digging for gold, but was
unsuccessful at finding it. After a great deal of time and money
invested in searching and consulting with “experts” on where to dig,
he finally gave up. He sold all of his land and machinery for a

The man he sold it to consulted a real expert, and discovered the
previous owner was only 3 feet off in his calculations. Based on
this new data, the new owner dug and found a veritable fortune in

It serves as a great story to encourage us to persevere. Great
success could be just around the corner if we don’t give up.

I have my own story of perseverance to share with you that I feel
really encouraged about, and I believe it will encourage you to keep
persevering as well.

Several months ago I approached a web design client of mine with the
idea of writing her a custom song. She is a public speaker, and I
thought it would be a great idea for her to have her own custom
theme song.

She thought it was a great idea, so I began working on the project.

I will spare you all the details, but I will tell you that it wasn’t
an easy road. There were obstacles and challenges that came up on a
couple of occasions that severely tested me. I had to really
consider, not only if I wanted to continue with the project, but if
I even wanted to continue doing custom songs at all.

I took some time to talk with my mentor to get some perspective. I
had to decide if I was going to be, not just in the game, but ALL

After a good night’s sleep, a long walk and spending time in
meditation and prayer, I decided that I did not want to give up,
that this was too important to me.

The result was that I finished up the song this past week, and my
client loves it!

I’d love to invite you to Click here to listen to the song [ ].

Here’s to finding your gold!

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