Covered LogoIt was Chicago circa 2005. A band of brothers came together to form a Christian cover band by the name of Covered. This band was Matt Moran’s brain child. Matt was the lead vocalist, and the rest of the core of the group was Paul McCracken on keys, Rick Heath on bass and Steve Pederson on guitar. Various drummers, including Otto Rascon and a gal who drove all the way from Rockford, IL to rehearse and play with the band, sat in.

Initially the band would play only Christian cover songs, but eventually started creating original material. Below are the bands only four original songs. The songwriters are credited for each of their songs. The songs were recorded and produced by Steve Pederson in his home studio. In You was recorded in Paul McCracken’s home studio.


Covered by Covered

What's in a Name?(Matt Moran - featuring Stephanie Pederson quoting Shakespeare)

The band had several live gigs. Here’s a recording of their performance on Friday, February 11, 2005 at The Overflowing Cup in Beloit, WI.

Covered band website home page screenshot
A screenshot of the band’s original website home page.

Now, to really blow your mind, after a while the band took a turn in direction. Instead of being just a Christian band, they became Covered: The Christian Entertainment Experience. They changed their brand and became a Christian wedding/party band. Of course, every entertainment experience needs a flashy website, and I still have the website that I created for that. You can access it here…


Where are they now? 

“Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky” – Kerry Livgren (Dust in the Wind by Kansas)

Unfortunately the band broke up and each went their Separate Ways. (Song by Journey)

Paul joined the U.S. Army band, Matt is making music in Florida and Steve and Rick are still in the Chicago area making music, though not always together. However, Rick did play drums on Steve’s album The Dream Highway.

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