Custom Valentine’s Day Song

Custom Valentine’s Day Song

Diamonds are not the only things that last forever!

Are you looking for a unique, romantic, surprising and unforgettable gift to give to someone you love for Valentines Day this year? Imagine the look on your sweetheart’s face when you play them their very own custom song! Talk about an impression! Talk about a memory that will last forever!

Here’s what you get:

  • A custom song written and recorded with vocals and your choice of piano or acoustic guitar
  • A CD with the song and the background track on*
  • MP3s of the song and background track emailed to you
  • A PDF with the lyrics emailed to you
  • License to play the song for personal use. Copyright of the song remains the property of Major 7 Productions.

 Here’s how it works:

  • After ordering the song, you provide me with as many details as you want to share about special things about the person, special dates or events that you celebrate, funny things about them, what you love about them, obviously their name – maiden name as well.
  • I write a draft of the song
  • You get to hear the rough draft and request minor revisions
  • I deliver your final product: the recorded song and background track
  • Since I work on a retainer basis, I only issue a refund if I haven’t at least emailed you a final MP3 of the song and PDF of the lyrics by February 13th, 2014.
[wolf_toggle open=”false” title=”Examples of Steve’s work”]Here are some examples of Steve’s work:

Have any questions before getting started? Send me an email from the contact page and let me know what you’re thinking.


Get in on the 50% off Introductory Offer!

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Payment Option 1

One-Time Payment: $997 Only $497!

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Payment Option 2

Installment Plan: 2 Payments of$547 Only $275!
You will be billed $275 in 30 days


Refer a friend and receive $100!

When you refer a paying customer, you will receive a $100 referral bonus! No purchase required. Just have your friend enter your full name, your email address and the promo code VDAY14 in the form after they make their purchase. After your friend has purchased a song in full (customers have a 30 day purchase plan option), you will receive a check for $100. Email your friends the link to this page by copying the address in the browser and pasting it into your email. Send to all your friends!


*The CD is not guaranteed to play in all CD players, but should work with most modern-day CD players.