Do You Know this Guy?

Do You Know this Guy?

I’d like to introduce you to George…

I met George yesterday. He and I served together as potato and soy stockers at Feed My Starving Children.

FMSC is a charity organization that takes powdered food substances and ships them all over the world to help feed starving children. It was a lot of fun volunteering with so many for a great cause. The FMSC organization asks for people to help out in three ways…​

* Prayer
* Volunteering
* Donations

I was really moved by what they are doing and how they are helping out. I would like to encourage you to find out more about them at [ ]. They have centers in Illinois and Minnesota.

If there is not a center near you, I’d like to encourage you to take action and look into how you can get involved in this type of relief effort in your community.

It will do wonders for your soul!

Peace and love,