Do You Recognize This?

I went for a walk one day this week, and I came back a wealthier man. Let me explain…

No, it’s not because I found a pot of gold, though, I will wish you a happy St. Patty’s day!

Have you ever been walking down the block/street and noticed a coin on the ground?

What’s your first instinct? To pick it up, right?

“Find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck.”

But, then, some other voices might kick in saying something like…

“Oh, it’s only a penny…” or “I don’t have time to stop…” or “I don’t want to look silly…”

Then, we might just pass it by.

Or, if you’re like me, you’ve become a skeptic of coins on the ground. I’ve been fooled one too many times by those fake coins that are actually nailed to floor or glued to the sidewalk. Yes, they actually make those. It’s somebody’s sick idea of a joke.

Well, as I was out on my walk, I noticed what looked like a quarter on the ground. Now, quarters can be used in laundry machines, so I’m not about to pass up a good quarter.

So as to not be outsmarted by some prankster, I’ve learned to kick coins to make sure they are loose. And, yes, I’ve actually tripped over fake coins doing this. You haven’t?

Good news: the quarter was loose!

I was still actually about to pass it by (imagine the nerve) when my training from the Millionaire Mind Intensive came back to me…

“Never turn up your nose at free gift that fortune is handing to you. You don’t want to give it the impression you are ungrateful or couldn’t use more money.”

So, I bent down and picked it up, examining both sides and even tapping it on a metal fence to make sure it was real.

Imagine my good fortune!

I then said the next thing I learned from the Millionaire Mind Intensive…

“I am a money magnet. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways. Thank you!”

I pocketed my quarter and walked on.

Next, I approached something I usually pass by every day on my walk – a Little Free Library

Take a Book. Share a Book.

. I have never, in the years that it has been there, taken or left a book. As I walked by it that day, though, one of the titles caught my attention. I stopped to take a look and remembered that I had been looking for a new book to read. I decided I would take it home with me. It was a New York Times Best-Seller!

Imagine my good fortune!

I came home with a NYT Best-Seller and a shiny new quarter! I’d say that was a pretty good walk all in all, and I celebrated my prosperity.

Now, you might be thinking that I’m making a big deal about nothing, and that’s exactly my point. Why is this even an important enough story to write an email about?

You see, if we don’t learn to recognize and celebrate the little, seemingly insignificant wins, we’re going to miss out on something very important. We’ll be missing out on generating some positive energy and momentum in the form of gratitude that could otherwise be ours. And that energy can go a long way!

What my little outing reminded me of was two things…


1. Good things are always coming our way. “You gotta stop and smell the roses. You gotta count your many blessings every day.”
2. You don’t always have to work hard to get something. Sometimes you’re just handed a gift. It’s up to you to receive it.

I hope this week for you is filled with recognizing many pleasant surprises!

I will leave you with this classic 1974 release from Mac Davis…


Stop and smell the roses -Mac Davis




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