Go Out for a Pass

It’s time once again for my annual football analogy!

Do you have a dream you’re going after? If you do, then you can probably relate to making efforts towards seeing your dream come true, but it hasn’t happened yet. You may start to wonder when, if ever, it’s going to happen – when you’re going to score a “touch down” so-to-speak.

Imagine being a wide receiver on a football team. The play is called. You line up. The ball is snapped. Do you have the ball at this point? No. Does that discourage you? Of course not. The play has just started. You need to get into position.

You start running your route. This is supposed to be a big play. The quarterback is planning on throwing a bomb…to you. You run and run down the field. Much of the play has already taken place. You don’t have the ball yet, but it’s in the air. You don’t see it, because you’re focused on the steps in front of you for now.

Then, with all your momentum moving forward in the right direction, you finally look to see the ball coming your way. So many things have been in motion to bring you to this point…the daily routines, the self-discipline and the planning. You’ve done everything you can to prepare yourself to be able to…receive it.

This is an analogy I thought of today after having a really tough couple of weeks. I was talking with a friend and he told me that, if you keep working toward your dream consistently, little by little, you will be ready for success when the opportunity presents itself.

A quarterback is not going to throw to a receiver that isn’t running his route. If he’s just standing there, dejected and wondering why no one ever throws the ball to him, it’ll never come.

Put yourself in a position to make a big play, though, and you never know just what kind of gift is going to end up in your hands.

Keep the dream alive!

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