Happy Birthday, A Charlie Brown Christmas

This Wednesday, December 9th, marks the 50th anniversary of CBS airing the show A Charlie Brown Christmas. (click the image to read about it on Wikipedia.org)

I remember, as a kid, listening to a record that I had of that show. The record came in an illustrated storybook. I listened to that album so many times, I had almost the whole show memorized!

Good times.

The show was a bold move. In a day of commercialism and materialism, Charles Schulz helped the public remember what the true meaning of Christmas was all about…in between commercials from their sponsor – Dolly Madison Gems. Who could forget?

Here’s one of their commercials from 1977…

Dolly Madison Gems 1977 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwVnu4TOhaA]

Inspired by the spirit of remembering what Christmas is all about, I wrote a song last year entitled The Meaning of Christmas. I, along with several others, will be performing that song at our church service this coming Sunday.

I hope to get a video of the performace to share with you.

Until then, if you can’t wait for the show to air on TV again this year, you can watch it online here…



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