Happy Memorial Day from Syria

​​​​​​​I will be honest with you. I have not really been up on the latest news from Syria. This past Saturday, however, I had some passengers in my car from that country. Their story helped put some things in perspective for me, and helped me have a much more profound appreciation for why we celebrate Memorial Day here in the United States.

After I picked up this man, his wife and their baby, I could tell that they were not from the US. I asked them what country they were from, how long they’ve been here, etc.

They told me they were from Syria and had been here for 3 weeks. Then, I asked them how old their baby was.

Just 10 days old.

Wait a minute! That means she was born here, in the United States.

Yes. In fact, that was their plan. They wanted their child to be born a US citizen so that she would have a much better chance of coming back to America, getting an education and having a life.

They told me that there is no hope, no future in Syria. People live in constant fear. It’s not safe.

The man told me about how he had opened a practice as a doctor, but insurgents came and stole his building from him.

That’s just the way it happens there. ISIS comes and just takes your home, takes your business. They take whatever they want…leaving them with no choice but to move to another country.

Their story made me very grateful for the men and women (and their families) who have given their lives in service for the freedom and safety I enjoy as an American.

In gratitude,

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