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A Helpful New Year Perspective

As I reflected on my year in 2017, my initial feeling was not very positive. I did not have a helpful new year perspective, because I had a lot of negative self-talk about the old year. I began to wonder where the time went and how it was that an entire year could go by and I accomplished so little.

Do you ever beat yourself up like that?

Before counting it all a loss and trying to make some goals/plans for the new year, however, I thought maybe it would be helpful if I made a list of the positive things that happened in 2017.

The list began small, but it grew quickly. I added to it day by day, and before I knew it I had a very impressive list. Before long I found myself wondering how so much great stuff could’ve happened in one year!

It’s easy to forget the good things or take them for granted. The fact of the matter is, there’s not enough time in the day to celebrate or call to mind all the things that go right or work the way they “should”.

Having such a huge list of positive things that happened in 2017 gave me a great deal of hope for 2018. It put me in a much better and more empowered place.

Making this kind of a mental shift is not something that I’ve always been good at. It’s something that I’ve grown in tremendously, though, with the help of my coach.

My observation has been that there are a lot of people who are not good at making this kind of mental shift, and, as a result, give up on making any new plans or having any high hopes for the new year. Or, if they do, they meet with failure because they let their self-talk run their hopes, dreams, plans and goals into the ground.

Your perspective of the upcoming year will be determined by what your subconscious is telling you about the kind of year you had last year and what it thinks you’re capable of, or what it accepts as “safe”, going forward.

If you’d like to discover how my coach helped me train my brain to develop more positive self-talk, I’d like to invite you to contact me. I would love to share with you about my experience. If I can help you in any way have a helpful new year perspective, it would be my pleasure.


  1. Thank you for sharing. It certainly is all about perspective! For me, 2017 was filled with ups and downs, joys and hurts. And looking back at the last quarter, I realized I had begun to succumb to focusing on the hurts in the one place I enjoyed but because I was not acknowledged and things discussed were not enforced, I no longer had joy for it. On Dec 23, I made a decision to let go, to forgive the one who hurt me and also apologize, so that my joy would be experienced again. I was not going to walk into 2018 with hinderances. Thanks again for sharing this!!

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