Here’s My Holiday Gift to You

Here’s My Holiday Gift to You

What would the holidays be without a little music?

Because you are one of my faithful email subscribers, I am saying thank you and happy holidays by giving you a complimentary download of my latest album, Twelve Songs of Christmas!

I am looking to spread my message of being the difference to more and more people. That is why I am asking other folks to subscribe to my email newsletter. But you…you’re already in!

After downloading your songs, I would appreciate it if you would do me the favor of spreading the word to your friends. Please do not forward them this email, but rather send them to this link:

You could say something like…

My friend Steve Pederson, a classical guitarist, has just recorded a new album of beautiful instrumental Christmas music. He is giving it away, and you can download your own copy at

Thanks so much for your support and feedback this past year! I’m looking forward to bringing you more stories of being the difference in 2017. And now, without any further adieu…

Click here to listen to and/or download the songs [ ].

Alternatively, you can click here if you want to download the entire album from dropbox [ ].

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!