How Her Perseverance Paid Off

She listens to K-LOVE. She knows every song title and every artist within a few moments of hearing the song. Her constant plea while riding in the back seat…”Can we listen to K-LOVE?”

​I’m talking about my daughter Carley.

After dropping her sister off for camp today, we had an opportunity to go see Sidewalk Prophets at the Sugar Grove Corn Boil.

She said she wanted to go but…there was a problem.

Her feet hurt. Her legs hurt. She was tired, and she just wanted to go home.

Can You Relate?

How many times have you just had it? Maybe you’ve had a long hard day at work. Perhaps you’ve spent time with relatives, and, though you love ’em, you still need a break. Everything within you cries for some R&R.

I said that it was okay if she wanted to go home. She reasoned that she could watch the concert online – on a screen. I told her, though, that watching it online was nothing like being there in person. If she persevered, she just might have a really good time.

She decided to push past her aches and pains and give it a shot, and she was not disappointed.

By the end of the day she had a LEGO Sidewalk Prophets t-shirt, got to go on a wild ride, and got to hear her two favorite songs by the band.

I’d say her perseverance paid off, and she was happy we went.

​Hope you have a great week persevering through to your pay off!

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