How Music Can Move You

How Music Can Move You

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I am getting ready to head out to play a gig with a really soulful musician by the name of Joyce Renee Walker. I’ve had the privilege of having Joyce (and her husband Ken from time to time) into my studio to record demos of her latest work. Often times she’ll as me to play lead guitar on her demos as well.

To check out Joyce, visit her website here [ ].

The show must go on, as they say. I’ll be honest, I’ve been really under the weather most of the week, and today is no exception. I’m not looking forward to hauling all my gear up and down several flights of stairs, but I really am looking forward to playing some blues. Playing live blues always makes me feel good.

Besides, you never know how giving of yourself, even when it doesn’t feel good, just might impact someone in a really positive way. Last week, after I played one of my original songs at church, a guy came up to me practically in tears telling me how much my song moved him.

That’s why I keep doing what I do. Music is powerful, and it moves people!

Hope you have a really moving week!