How to Handle a Disappointing Loss

Losses come in all shapes and sizes. Losing can be disappointing, to be sure.

My coach sent out a very timely email this past week that has helped me put a recent loss into perspective. He put a new spin on an old formula for dealing with disappointment. The formula goes something like this…

E + CR = DO

To break it down, it means Event (E) + Conscious Response (CR) = Desired Outcome (DO)

I couldn’t control the Vikings losing to the Eagles, but I could be consciously engaged with my response to get a more desired outcome than, say, getting really depressed and self-medicating somehow.

I chose a way to respond that I think was more therapeutic and creative.

I’ve been learning lately about the power music has to heal. I decided to pull out my guitar and create a song based on how I was feeling. It’s called My Heart Bleeds Purple.

I recorded that song, posted it to Facebook, and within a couple minutes had a friend reply telling me he felt better already – just listening to my song. He asked me if I would also write one for Jaguars fans!

If you’d like to listen to the song, you can hear it here on SoundCloud


Enjoy, comment and share if you like, and remember… You can’t control everything, but you can consciously control your response to get your desired outcome.


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