I Must be a Fortune Teller

I have to share something with you that is just so ironic, it makes me wonder if I am a fortune teller.

This morning I was journaling about what it means to me to be the difference. Here’s what I wrote in my journal…

“If you’re not responsible with little things, no one will give you responsibility for the big things. Notice how I didn’t say ‘important’ things. Everything is important.”

I was trying to capture the essence of how sometimes we feel like a task is somehow diminished in importance because it is small or goes unnoticed.

I then began to imagine a scenario where I was speaking to a group of people. In my daydream I was telling those people about this hypothetical situation where I was coming to speak to them, but I wouldn’t have been able to do so if my wife hadn’t helped me out with some seemingly insignificant task that no one would have known about.

Have I made it clear that I just imagined that scenario? Good, because here’s the weird part…

What actually happened this morning – after my journaling and subsequent daydream – was that, when I arrived at church an hour early to rehearse our songs, I realized the battery in my guitar had died. With a dead battery I would not be able to plug my guitar in and be heard in the PA system.

I texted someone in the audio crew to see if they had a battery on hand. I also sent a copy of the text to my wife. In case they didn’t have one, I thought she could run out and get one.

It turns out they didn’t have one, so she had to run out and get one. She saved the day! I was able to confidently carry on with my rehearsal knowing that my wife was taking care of the situation. She had my back.

I was able to play guitar for the congregation all because my wife ran out and got me a battery.

And nobody knew about it. That’s what I call being the difference.

After the service was over, I realized that what she had done was a fulfillment of my prophetic vision! 😜

Be ready to do helpful, yet seemingly insignificant tasks that get you no recognition. This is what being the difference is all about!

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