I Now Renew

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Thinking back to the day God blessed my life
Only moments from calling you my wife
My heart was beating fast for quite a while
Then I gazed upon you walking down the aisle

The fullness of your beauty on display
The thought that you were mine blew me away
The joy I felt had never been outdone
That soon the two of us would be as one

I now renew, my vows to you, I say “I do” once more
I pledge my heart, like at the start, still every part is yours

I promised you to have you and to hold
And the vows I made back then seemed very bold
That I’d love you in your sickness and your health
And I’d stay with you through poverty or wealth

And the ring and the kiss that spoke of my true love
And the promise we’d receive help from above
Were the only fitting closing on that day
And the beginning of what I now want to say

To Patty from Curt


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Customs Songs by Steve Pederson

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