I Was Worried about Nothing

I’ve got a great story to share with you.

This past weekend I started driving for Uber. I was super nervous. I wanted to do a great job and get as many five-star ratings as possible. I was worried sick about doing something wrong and getting a poor rating.

After dropping off one of my passengers I received an immediate request from another ride, which I accepted. I took off driving to pick up the passenger, proceeded to drive around the block and took a few wrong turns. When it was all said and done, my GPS brought me back to the exact spot I had just started from.

There was my passenger waiting for me in bewilderment. She saw me accept the ride – only to take off, and naturally wondered what was going on. I felt like such an idiot.

She got in the car, and we got to talking. Well, mostly I got to talking. She was asking a lot of questions, and I just kept talking…about me. I told her about my daughters and being a freelance web designer/marketer and how I speak to audiences about being the difference.

As I talked, I missed one of the turn-offs. I started to get even more insecure about my driving.

Then, she asked me questions about my business, which made me feel very intimidated.

When we finally got to her destination, I realized I had talked about myself the entire time. I felt really bad. I thought for sure, with all the screw ups, she would think I was incompetent and give me a poor rating.

In fact, she was the only person who actually wrote a review of me. Here’s what she had to say…

“Congrats on your new adventure with Uber, Steve! I enjoyed our conversation and appreciate arriving to my hotel safely. Thanks for making a difference by being a friendly, interesting and talkative driver. Keep up the great work, and being a great dad!! :) God bless!”

Well, would you look at that. Like my wife told me, if you just be yourself, you will shine.

Keep being yourself and keep shining!

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