I’m Taking a Chance

I’m Taking a Chance

First of all, Happy Memorial Day!

This morning, Carley was telling me that memorial day is a day to remember people who did something important and who died. That about sums it up. I am grateful for the freedom I have here in this country, and the men and women who have given their lives for that freedom.

I am also grateful for the memory of someone else who did something important and who died – and that’s my dad.

So, with their memories in mind, I wanted to share with you a bit of exciting news…

I am going to be submitting a few of my songs to a song-writing contest!

There is a website called Worship the Rock – which is a resource for worship leaders.

The contest deadline is June 30th, and the winners will be announced August 31st.

The songs I plan to submit to the contest are Great is Your Name, Holy Trinity and We Call.

I’m asking for your support by praying for me and this endeavor.

I look forward to keeping you updated as to how it’s going.

Until next time…Live Abundantly!