It’s a Process

It’s a Process

This past week I had the opportunity to fight off some negative thoughts. I’m on social media quite a bit, and it can be challenging at times to not compare your life with others. So many people are doing so many cool things, and I then I can start thinking…what am I doing?

I’ve heard the advice a “thousand” times: don’t compare your life with others! As my coach has told me, “Don’t judge your insides by other people’s outsides.”

That’s such great advice.

And then…I watched a movie last night that put a lot of things in perspective for me. It was the movie The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis. It was released in 1997. That was 22 years ago!

My, but movies have come a looong way in 22 years! My wife and I watched it with our 13 year old daughter. My wife prefaced the movie by saying that it was made before we had the internet.

There was so much in that movie that gave us a good laugh. visual effects, props, costumes, characters – all so immature compared to where they are today.

It made me wonder where all the stuff that impresses us today will be in 20 years.

Everything is constantly changing and becoming something else. We live in a dynamic universe. Nothing is static.

The key is to decide where we want to be, what we want to grow into and become. Then, we need positive energy to propel us in that direction.

We will never get there by comparing our insides with what others have already manifested on their outsides. If we truly are impressed with what others have achieved, and we want to get there as well, we could always reach out to them and ask how they did it.

I’m sure that’s how people in the movie industry improved the quality of the movies they create. They tried something, got feedback, tweaked, developed, experimented, got input, learned from others, etc.

It’s a process. Celebrate your process. As the song says, “The journey is my destination.”

Until next week,