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Steve has been teaching guitar since he graduated with a degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Minnesota in 1992! That’s nearly a quarter century of experience!

Whatever your style…

  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Steve’s got you covered!

Students performing Feliz Navidad at their recital – December 2016

What’s different about Steve’s approach? 

  • Steve is a father of two girls, so he knows what it’s like to provide gentle, supportive guidance to children.
  • Steve treats the “whole musician”. In addition to teaching songs that the students love, Steve incorporates his unique Seven-Step Approach to the Complete Musician.
  • Steve has developed his own curriculum to address the students’ every need.
We’d like to thank Steve for not only teaching our children for the past half decade, but also for his cheery and friendly attitude. He has helped build our children’s characters, in addition to their musical talents. Lastly we all view him as not only as a teacher, but as our family’s friend too.

Regards from the Walewender Family, Stanislaw & Bozena Walewender

Steve Pederson is a fantastic teacher with a great structured approach to learning the guitar. Steve is genuinely invested in all of his students and provides an environment where you feel like you can be proud of any little progress. I highly recommend Steve for anyone who wants to learn guitar.

Cristine Guillermo

Steve is currently accepting students for private instruction.

Steve’s studio, known as the Guitar Lesson Dojo, is located on the northwest side of the city of Chicago in Edison Park.

Individual Lessons

Individual One-time Lessons are available at a rate of $30/half hour and $55/hour.


Package Lessons

Get a package of 8 lessons and save!

  • 8 30-minute lessons for $200
  • The student has 10 weeks to complete the 8 lessons
  • Sign up any time!

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Piano and Vocal lessons also available!