Look Out Lady Gaga, There’s a New Blonde on the Loose

Did you see Lady Gaga jump from the roof in her half-time show during the Super Bowl? That must’ve taken a lot of courage and trust that those cables would hold her securely!

Impressive as her courage was to carry out that performance, there is another blonde-haired female musician whose courage I admire.

After only playing the flute for a couple months, my daughter Carley made her debut solo performance on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you care to watch, here is an excerpt of the performance…

Carely’s Solo Debut [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_6K18QTEDQ]

What’s interesting is that, it’s almost as if she doesn’t know what stage fright is. Last week, when we told someone that she would be performing her debut, they asked Carley if she was nervous.

I thought to myself, “What an interesting question. Why would you assume that she is nervous? Don’t put that idea in her mind!”

Carley just shrugged it off and said “no”, as if she didn’t even know what that meant.

As we were about to perform, she noticed I had forgot to put her microphone in place and said, “Where’s my microphone?” I think a nervous and scared person would not have stood up for themselves, or would’ve been too consumed with fear to even notice a detail like that. Not Carley. She wanted everyone to hear her! No Fear.

It’s not that she was acting in spite of fear. She just had no fear. I really admire that. I think the reasons for that are that…

* She’s passionate about playing flute

* She’s very confident in her self and her ability

* She doesn’t seem to care what other’s think

I see an opportunity for you and I to be the same way – be passionate about what we do, believe in ourselves, and don’t give a hoot what others think. Who knows what things can happen?

Here’s to your courage this week!

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