Money and Spiritual Revival

Money and Spiritual Revival

Do you think it’s possible to be making lots of money while simultaneously having a spiritual revival?

Check this out. Way back in biblical times there was this really radical character called John the Baptist. He was the center of a massive spiritual revival in the Jewish culture in the Middle East. One of the things he told people to do if they wanted to participate in this revival was to be content with their pay.


Another word for content is happy. What do you do when you’re happy?

You celebrate!

This week I realized, as I was depositing a check from one of my clients, that I did nothing out of the ordinary to celebrate when I get payed.

I decided to change that.

I came up with something I called The Paycheck Dance! Now, every time I get payed, I am not only content, but I celebrate! It’s like a spiritual revival!

Of course, I made a song out of it. If you’d like to hear it, you can check it out here…


Be a Money Magnet: Do the Paycheck Dance!



If you get paid this week, or if you’ve been paid recently, why not celebrate by doing The Paycheck Dance!