More Than a Wish

Happy Father’s Day!

I want to ask you a reflective question today…

Your Dad.

What’s one positive thing you appreciate about your dad – whether he is still around or not?

You see, this past week, my family and I commemorated the 10th anniversary of my dad passing away. As my daughters and I sat around the dinner table we reminisced about our good memories of him.

Sometimes fathers can be difficult. But even the difficult ones have something positive about them.

I mean, let’s just take Luke Skywalker and his dad! Can you imagine having Darth Vader as your father? Yet, despite his dad lopping his hand off with a light saber and trying to get him to convert to the dark side, Luke still believed there was good in his father.

His belief in his dad and his insistence in focusing on the positive that was there, however little or covered up (with a literal mask) it may have been, not only saved their relationship, but ended up saving the entire universe!

It makes me wonder what kinds of tides we can turn by focusing on the good in ourselves and others.

I will share this one last thing…

One thing that has been very difficult to deal with is the fact that my dad never told me that he loved me. However, on his death bed, while the rest of us were in denial that he was at the end, my dad grabbed me as tight as he could with what little strength he had, pulled me close and gave me a kiss.

It was there all along, and I felt it – even if I never heard it.

Some of us don’t have to look that hard. Others do, but it’s there. There’s something great about each of our fathers.

I hope we can all take a moment today to celebrate that.


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