My Holiday Wish for You

Do you love to sing?

I think everybody loves to sing – even people that stand staunchly in church with their arms folded and their lips sealed shut. I can see them singing something – maybe when they’re driving by themselves in their car on their way to work.

As I write this, my family is in the other room singing along with The Sound of Music on TV.

Of course, this time of year there are a lot of familiar holiday songs to sing. Love ’em or hate ’em, I’ll be you still find yourself humming them to yourself when you’re not paying attention.

Well, I love to sing as well. One personal victory I’ve had this year is that I’ve grown a lot in my confidence in singing. You actually have had a hand in that. Because of your support of my music, I have found it easier to step out, take chances and believe in myself.

In fact, I have even gone so far as to record a song with just vocals…just my vocals! If you would’ve asked me a year ago if I would do that, I would say, “no way, Jose!”

It is a song I wrote just for this time of year. I call it Holiday Season.

I hope it brings some cheer to your heart.

Click here to listen to the song [ ].


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