Empower Your Organization to Make a Positive Difference!

Empower Your Organization
to Make a Positive Difference! 

I help leaders, employees and volunteers to own, feel and unleash their potential for making a positive impact on their organization and in their world.

“As we have seen, even the smallest moments of positivity in the workplace can enhance efficiency, motivation, creativity and productivity.” – Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

Your audience will discover:

  • How to create a positive working environment that leads to greater impact
  • Three keys to success that make work a joy
  • How to recognize and tap into their own inner resources for motivation

The Takeaways –

Own it – Audience members learn how to appreciate the value of, and take ownership of, the unique resources they possess to make a positive impact each and every day.

Feel it – Audience members learn how to create and maintain a positive energy that they, and everyone around them, can feel.

Unleash it – Audience members learn specific skills that will enable them to unleash the potential they have for having a positive impact on themselves and everyone they come in contact with.

Powerful Stories and Engaging Songs

I not only share my personal stories, but I also engage audiences on an emotional level by performing positive songs that have a powerful message.

The Difference in Action…

You are the Difference at Work:


The Importance of Appreciation at Work:


The Impact




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