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Plug in to Power!

Power rehearsal

Posted by Steve Pederson on Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Guitars, guitar amps, effects pedals, keyboards and sound systems are all amazing tools that were created for the purpose of doing amazing things. Guess what, though…

Without power they are basically USELESS!

I mean, they’re still really cool to look at, but other than that…not too useful.

You and I are like instruments. Without power we cannot perform or execute the amazing things that we were created to do!

In order for electronics to work you need to PLUG THEM IN to a power source!

In order for you to work properly, you need to plug in to your power source as well.

What is your power source, and how do you plug in to it?

Check this – there are actually many different ways of tapping into your power source, or ways your ultimate power source can fill you.

Some folks find reading sacred text, prayer, meditation, singing, music and nature to be among the various ways that they tap into the ultimate power source that drives them.

How do you tap in to your source?

Leave a comment below and share with the rest of the class…what feeds your soul? (Hint: There’s no wrong answer!)

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