Pushing Past Fear

I just wanted to share with you that I performed for the first time
as an official member of the Metro Ministry Center today. I played
Lead Me to Calvary for communion meditation.

I know it may not be obvious, but I usually get quite nervous
before playing a solo classical gig for meditation. The last couple
of times I’ve played, though, it hasn’t been too bad. I think my
mental preparation going in to it is completely different now than
it has been in the past.

I share this, because I think it’s a lesson that we can take in to
many aspects of our daily lives. You see, I didn’t catch it until
lately, but I realized that the reason I get so nervous before a
performance is because of my fear of screwing up.

You usually hear people saying cliche things about that like, “That
means you’re taking it seriously.” Well, that’s not really the

What I realized about my fear, which is true for any fear, is that
I was projecting a very negative outcome about something
that hadn’t even happened yet.

I finally realized that, if I could use my powerful imagination,
which we all have, to imagine the worst case scenario, then I could
also use that powerful imagination to imagine the best possible
scenario as well.

So, now, before a performance, I don’t listen to the thoughts of
how I might screw up. Instead, I imagine myself playing perfectly
and connecting emotionally with people. I then imagine people
coming up to me afterwards and sharing how my music touched them in
some way.

I think the thing is, you get what your faith expects you to get.

Hopefully this thought inspires you to push past your fears and
imagine the best possible situation coming out of the challenges
you might be facing in the future.

Take care!

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