Rain or Shine, You Decide

Do you enjoy what you do?

I don’t necessarily mean what you do for a living, but simply in general. Do you enjoy the things you do, regardless of the outcome, the recognition or the gratitude/praise you receive?

I just got back from a camping trip where I was scheduled to play some campfire songs for the Saturday night bonfire.

I had done a lot of preparation for it. I even planned to play some songs for the kids that would be there. I was really looking forward to everyone being together and having a great time.

Unfortunately, it started to rain around dinner time. As a result most of the adults decided to take the kids to a movie.

It looked like the campfire wasn’t even going to happen. 😢

Had all that preparation been for nothing?

However, it did eventually clear up, and I decided to get my guitar out and start playing. As I played a couple of people came over to listen in.

It became evident, though, that this event wasn’t turning out at all how I envisioned it.

It was at that point I realized that I could either be upset that only a few people were there (the outcome) or I could enjoy the fact that I was able to be out in nature playing and singing all those songs I had prepared…doing what I love to do.

What a relief! It felt a lot better – a lot more empowering – to be free to have a great time simply because I was enjoying myself.

Maybe you can think of a time, or will encounter a time this week, when you have the opportunity to find joy in what you’re doing simply because you enjoy doing it…regardless of the outcome.

Here’s hoping you have a joy-filled week!


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