Something old, Something New, Something Amazing

I was able to enjoy a success today, and I wanted to share it with

I’ve been working on a new arrangement of the old classic hymn
Amazing Grace, and I played it live today for the first time ever.

It was really encouraging to finally perform it and actually
receive applause for it. I also received several compliments on it,
so I am grateful for that as well.

This is an arrangement that I’ve been working on for quite some
time, but have kind of stalled in the area of getting it out there
because it’s a fairly challenging piece for me to play.

What’s ironic is that there is only a couple of small parts of it
that I could really consider challenging. I guess I get hung up on
the performance aspect of it and sometimes lose sight of the fact
that it’s just great to be able to connect with people and serve
people in a live scenario.

Anyhow, I would love for you to hear how it’s coming along. If you
haven’t yet, please sign up for your free membership on my site [


] and log in and give it a listen. I’d also love to hear your
feedback on it.


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