Song 2: Brain Storming

Song 2: Brain Storming

Have you ever had a time in your life where you struggled to find peace of mind? Perhaps it was a long time ago, and maybe it was just earlier today.

That’s what the second song on my upcoming album is all about.

The song is entitled Brain Storming.

Interestingly, the title of the song was suggested to me by a youth group leader. I was about to speak to a group of teenagers he led, and I wanted to write a song for them. This song portrays the troubles I felt, and thought they could relate to, as I was going through my turbulent teenage years.

The song is all about the reality that sometimes we feel overwhelmed by what life throws at us.

​​​​​​​This happens all along the dream highway. We start out with a dreams of graduation, getting a job, paying our bills, finding that special someone, finishing a big project or just getting through a day without pain or drama.

Inevitably, though, challenges come our way that bring conflict to our minds (brain storming) – doubts and fears that we may never actually achieve our dreams.

It builds up and builds up – just like a storm or a rain cloud ready to unleash.

And how do we unleash these troubles when our brains are storming?

Well, I’ve found the most healthy way, and what I talk about in my song, is the need to speak. We open up about what we’re feeling with another human being. We may be feeling weak, but that’s the most important time to rely on a good friend.

We’ve all got something to say. Sometimes we just need someone who can relate, and friend, I can relate. That’s why I wrote the song.

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