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Charismatic. Funny. Amazing. Real. That’s what people say after experiencing Steve Pederson. Steve is that rare speaker who can also claim that he’s a professional musician.

Steve combines his years of professional music training and experience, along with his training from the world-renowned improv center Second City, plus his years as an educator and community leader to deliver a live experience like no other.

The real gritty look at life and the vulnerability that Steve portrays is really refreshing and is what audiences easily connect with.

In his Keynote Concerts, Steve creates a truly unique experience by combining a powerful keynote message with original songs that reinforce the main ideas. Audience members go away being impacted on a deeply emotional level – often times humming a new tune to remember the lesson!

Steve has performed for tens of thousands of people in his life, on such elite stages as The Potrillo Band Shell in Chicago, IL, The Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, The Arie Crown theater in Chicago, and for such organizations as Starbucks Corp., The United Way and The YMCA to name a few.

Steve helps organizations create environments that foster dramatic creativity, contribution and cooperation by helping every individual realize that, not only can they make a difference, but that they are the difference.

Steve has a way of connecting with his audience, no matter what age group. Whether you’re looking for an engaging figure to capture the imaginations of children, an understanding “been there” survivor to connect with teens or an inspiring entrepreneur and family man to motivate your adult audience, Steve will no doubt “bring it” in such a way as to leave your audience transformed.

Just listen to what Tiamo De Vettori, CEO of Be the Dream, Unlimited, had to say after Steve spoke and performed at his live event in San Diego…

“He has so much charisma, he has an amazing message, he’s clear, he’s confident, he’s funny…he’s the entire package! And it doesn’t stop there. After he spoke at my event he also performed. He is a genius musician and singer/songwriter! I am so happy Steve was on my stage, because he provided the exact outcome I was looking for.”
You can watch the full video testimonial by Tiamo below.

Video Reels
The Experience


You’re listening to real stories. You’re connecting. You’re saying to yourself, “I can relate to this guy. He ‘gets’ me.” As you hear Steve tell the story of how, even though he had so many good things going for him, happiness still eluded him. Steve takes you on a journey of how his beliefs and self-talk played a major role in keeping him in bondage to fear, insecurities and a diminished sense of self-worth.

Then, he shares the changes that transformed him into a happy, positive and confident warrior. The stories themselves are inspirational, but Steve takes it to the next level by putting these new concepts into original songs that are memorable and fun to sing along to.

The Take-away? You can Get Unstuck, Move Forward and Enjoy Your Life!

Teens & Young Adults

Imagine an audience of squirrelly teen-agers completely quiet and on the edge of their seats as Steve relays his experiences as a teen. As he reads through the amazing true stories from his own teen-age journal, current-day teens are captivated by the honesty and real life challenges that Steve had to struggle through. Stories of broken hearts, insecurities and constant battles with thoughts of suicide capture the attention of the audience until Steve finally breaks into song that expresses gut-wrenching struggle and ultimately hope.

The Take-away? You can make it through anything and make significant contributions, because…You Are the Difference!


Imagine a room full of school children. With textbooks and worksheets they are learning about the water cycle. It’s just another science unit. This could be the scene in any classroom in the country. But that’s not THIS scene. This one is different. Kids are learning about the water cycle, but this time they’re SINGING about it…and they’ve memorized the song!

Whatever the topic, Steve can write a custom song about it and explain it in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

The Take-away? Learning can be fun…and memorable!

Most Requested Topics

You Are the Difference!

See the difference, and contribution, you are uniquely qualified to make in the world

  • Own it! Discover how to find the real validation that you need
  • Feel it! Discover how to feel empowered to make significant change
  • Unleash it! Learn how to see yourself as the light and leader you were born to be…and take positive action!

For: OrganizationsYouth | Churches

You Are the Difference in Your Community!

Every citizen, great or small, makes a significant difference in their community 

  • You don’t have to be famous to be significant
  • See how you fit in with others who have made history
  • Hear the true story of how America has prospered

Click here for more information on this topic.

Entrepreneur Success: Skills vs Attitude

Real Success Comes From Within

  • Discover how you can use your weaknesses to your advantage
  • How your mindset – growth or fixed – determines your outcomes
  • How you can cultivate an indestructible character

 Click here for more information on this topic.

Organizations Performed For

Starbucks Corporate Headquarters
The United Way
PBS Television Corp. (TPT Twin Cities)
Therafin, Corp.
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Park District
Forest Park Library
Bob Baker (visit website)
Tiamo De Vettori (visit website)
Gateway City Church
Glenview Theater Guild


Testimonials – Event Planners

“This event was just what these teenagers needed. The event was well prepared with a creative blend of participatory singing, self reflection, and a powerful testimony by Steve that struck the hearts of these suburban teenagers. I would recommend Steve’s work to any group of teenagers who are looking for wholesome fun, to heighten their self value, and to believe in themselves that they can be the positive change in the world that leaves a lasting footprint.”

– Ian Peele, Youth Minister

“The children not only learned about science, they learned a great deal about playing musical instruments and had great fun with several sing-alongs. We are so fortunate to have Mr. Pederson!”

– Ms Isabella Nisenbaum – 3rd Grade Teacher, Ebinger Elementary

Testimonials – Participants

“It’s not going to be your average event. The real gritty look at life and the vulnerability that Steve portrays is really refreshing that you need to go see, man. This guy knows exactly what you’re going through and that you’re not alone in that. This is a gem.” – Eason, Chicago teen
“Something about Steve’s demeanor makes me want to listen…and your audience will want to listen too!” – Zhanna Shpitz, Kidz Universe
“Steve’s story made me feel a lot more faithful. I have drawn much closer to God because of him” – Demetrius, Chicago teen


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