The Dream Highway: The Journey Begins Here

You may remember me mentioning that I am in the process of recording and producing my next album: The Dream Highway.

This album tells the story of a journey of discovery about what we can learn about ourselves in the process of pursuing our dreams and how that deeper understanding can empower us to have an even greater impact on our world.

In my next several emails I want to unravel the stories and meanings behind the songs to help you have a greater experience from listening to the songs themselves when the album becomes available.

Today is all about the title track: The Dream Highway.

We all have dreams and ambitions. For some of us, those dreams are so clear and evident and we may even be pursuing them with all our heart. For others, they are hidden so far beneath the surface that may not even know what they are anymore. Some may have had dreams at one time, but perhaps all hope seems to be lost in seeing them come to fruition. Now all they are is a pipe dream.

The song The Dream Highway talks about the excitement we feel – the hopefulness and aliveness we feel – when we start going after a dream – either again or for the first time. In this song I use a new car as a metaphor for my dream.

The end of the song trails off into the sunset, leaving you with the question: Did he ever reach his goal or accomplish his dream? Will he make it?

And that’s why I also talk about the determination it takes to see our dreams come true. Mostly, though, it’s about the journey and how the journey is the destination.

“So, buckle up and ride along with me…’cause I’m gonna gun it down the dream highway!”

Next time: spotlight on the song Brain Storming.

Until then,

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