The Magic of Creation

I have a lot of wonderful memories from my life. I have a lot of
great memories of fishing with my dad, of dates with my wife as we
were just getting to know one another, of my children being born,
growing up and doing all sorts of interesting things, family
vacations and holidays and the list goes on.

Another group of memories that goes very deep and is very special
to me is all the times I’ve been able to create live music with
other musicians.

I remember playing with a band called Miracle Whip. I remember
playing with friends in high school, playing at the Head of the
Lakes Jazz Fest in Duluth, MN, playing at parties, playing on a
boat on the St Croix river, playing at the Potrillo Band Shell for
the church jubilee, playing in Toronto for a conference there, so
many memories of the band in the church here in Chicago, and
playing with Joyce Walker and the JK connection.

Playing live with other musicians is an incredibly magic affair. I
think the magic aspect stems from the fact that what we are doing
is creating. We are creating something in the moment.

In any moment that we are creating, we are being our true selves.
We are being what we were created to be. We were created in the
image of God, who Himself is a creator. We were created to be
creators ourselves. When we are creating, we are being like God.
Unless, of course, we’re just creating trouble, but I think you get
the point.

No wonder these creative moments make for such incredible memories.
We are participating in and reflecting the divine nature of God.

Reflecting on this not only makes me incredibly grateful for the
gift I have, but it also makes me aware of the incredible
opportunity, as well as responsibility, that I have to continue to

How about you? What kinds of unique talents and abilities has the
Creator given you to be able to create with? What kinds of
wonderful memories have you been able to develop as a result of
putting your creativity to work?

I know there are some who might feel like they haven’t been given
any special talents. Many people feel like they’re not very
creative. If you know Daryl Porter, however, you know he doesn’t
let us live with excuses. Daryl has some pretty extreme limitations
in his life. He is unable to speak, and has some pretty severe
movement limitations with his body. That hasn’t stopped Daryl,
though, from buying an instrument and playing with the band, as
well as writing and publishing a book of poetry.

I would love to hear of a great memory that you have of creating
something special and the magic you felt as a result. Maybe you’re
a good cook. Maybe you can sew or build things with wood. Have you
created an event, or taken an amazing picture or drafted plans for
a room? Maybe you’ve created a wonderful and welcoming home.
Whatever it may be, even if part of you is trying to minimize its
significance, share it…and celebrate it!

Being the Love,

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