The Membership Site is Now Open

How would you like to get F*REE ACCESS to the new membership area
of my site?

(I put an asterisk there to make sure my email doesn’t get marked
as spam – not because there’s a special catch.)

Now you can get access to a ton of great features on my site that
are not available to the general public. Things like…

* FR*EE song downloads – make sure you have a copy of my recording
of the songs Sanctuary and Lead Me to Calvary
* Listen to demo versions of my Worship songs, and sing along with
the lyrics. Get familiar with the songs so you’ll know ’em when we
sing them together!
* Listen to, and give feedback on my songs before they are
officially released!
* Interact with and participate in an awesome community – or tribe
– of like-minded individuals

It’s all waiting there for ya!

And, once you’re in, you’ll be able to give your input on what the
name of our tribe should be. Just look for the headline on the
member’s home page that says Help Me Name Our Tribe [ ].

Go here to register now [ ].

We’ll see you in the member’s area!

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