Through Water and Fire

Through Water and Fire

The Chicago Church of Christ 25th Anniversary Compilation CD

Special Enhanced CD Features: Multimedia Slideshow with over 800 photos and PDFs

Released 2007
Record Label: Major 7 Productions
Produced by: Steve Pederson
Music Consultant: Steve Bradley
Vocal Consultant: Shawn Christopher
Art Director: Pam Hamilton
Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer: Steve Pederson
Multimedia Interface Developer: Ray Pryor
Contributing Photographers: Otto Rascon, Donzell Gordon, Nato Soto and Jean Whiteside

For 25 years God’s grace and presence has been manifested in the Chicago Church of Christ, demonstrating itself through love, sacrifice and unity of Christians from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Together we have been through the waters of baptism and the trials that have come by fire.




Multimedia Experience