Through Water and Fire

The Chicago Church of Christ 25th Anniversary Commemorative Compilation CD

Special Enhanced CD Features*: Multimedia Slideshow telling the story of the history of the church with…

  • Over 800 photos
  • Historical documents
  • Recording of an iconic sermon
  • Soundtrack: Songs from the One Heart CD produced by Ralph Beerhorst

* The special enhanced multimedia slideshow works on modern Windows machines, but does not work on newer model Macs (only old PowerPC Macs).

Released: 2007
Record Label: Major 7 Productions
Produced by: Steve Pederson
Music Consultant: Steve Bradley
Vocal Consultant: Shawn Christopher
Art Director: Pam Hamilton
Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer: Steve Pederson
Multimedia Interface Developer: Ray Pryor
Contributing Photographers: Otto Rascon, Donzell Gordon, Nato Soto and Jean Whiteside

For 25 years God’s grace and presence has been manifested in the Chicago Church of Christ, demonstrating itself through love, sacrifice and unity of Christians from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Together we have been through the waters of baptism and the trials that have come by fire.

What’s Inside:


  1. Wade in the Water 
    Instrumental written by Steve Bradley
    Performed by Steve Bradley (keys and trombone), Will Miller (drums), Dave Gore (bass), Phyllis Calderon (violin), John Mannel (saxophone), Steve Pederson (guitar)
  2. Through Water and Fire
    Music and Lyrics by Steve Pederson
    Performed by Shawn Christopher (lead vocal), LeTroy Jackson (harmony vocals), Jim Richardson (drums), Paul McCracken (keys), Steve Bradley (piano), Steve Pederson (bass, guitars and harmony vocals)
  3. Stand in Awe
    Written by Chris Guerra
    Choir directed by Chris Guerra, Performed by Leslie Moore, Jameshia Farmer, Carol Simbler, Melanie Singh, Christine Wachter, Carole Baskin, Wendy Collins, LeTroy Jackson, Cleveland Smith, Emmanuel Barr, Jeremy Lefler
  4. Chicago Fire
    Music and Lyrics by Dave Eastman
    Performed by Abbey Maxwell (vocals), Jim Richardson (drums), Phyllis Calderon (violin), Steve Pederson (guitars, bass, keys)
  5. Secrets of the Heart
    Lyrics by Tina J Crawley
    Music by Tina J Crawley, Ralph Beerhorst, Steve Bradley, Paul McCracken
    Music performed by Steve Bradley and Tina Crawley
    Prerecorded and used by permission
  6. Here We Are Lord
    Music by Steve Bradley
    Lyrics by Steve Bradley, Jerome Collins, Leslie Moore
    Performed by Leslie Moore (vocals), Jerome Collins (vocals), Jim Richardson (drums), Steve Bradley (keys), Dave Gore (bass)
    Choir (directed by Shawn Christopher): Tina Crawley, Carol Simbler, Carole Baskin, Wendy Collins, Tawana Lawrence, Craig McKinley, LeTroy Jackson
  7. Amazing Love
    Music and Lyrics by Lara Jenkins and Unity
    Performed by Lara Jenkins, Cynthia Neal, Carole Baskin
  8. They Raised Their Voices Together (The Apostle’s Prayer)
    Music and Lyrics by Chris Guerra
    Performed by Chris Guerra (vocals, keys), Jim Richardson (snare drum)
    Choir: Jameshia Farmer, Carol Simbler, Christine Wachter, Carole Baskin, Wendy Collins, LeTroy Jackson, Cleveland Smith, Jeremy Lefler
  9. Medley: Were You There, Let Us Break Bread Together, It is Well, Holy Holy Holy 
    Instrumental arranged by Steve Bradley
    Directed by Steve Bradley and performed by Phyllis Calderon (violin), Melissa Anderson (harp), Goza Parks (flute), Steve Pederson (classical guitar)
  10. Cantico Celeste
    Performed by Metro Spanish Ministry Choir: Louis Cortez, Maria Granados, Carmen DeLa Garza
  11. Sparks Fly
    Lyrics by Jayh Johnson
    Music by Steve Pederson
    Performed by Jayh Johnson (vocals), Jim Richardson (drums and percussion), Dave Gore (bass), Steve Pederson (guitars and keys)
  12. Hope for Kids
    Written by Chris Guerra (1994)
    Performed by Ralph Beerhorst (keys), Chris Guerra (vocals), Shawn Christopher (vocals)



Multimedia Experience

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