Videos in the Member’s Area

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Last week, if you remember, I sent out a message that I had
performed my arrangement of Amazing Grace at church for the first
time. I also mentioned that I put a recording of it in the members
area of my website [ ].

However, I discovered that, for some strange reason, the song
wouldn’t play on a smart phone. Bummer. All of my other songs play
on a smart phone. What’s the deal, technology

Anyhow, I figured, maybe I’ll just record a video of myself playing
it. And that’s exactly what I did.

So, if you were one of the folks who was having a problem getting
the song to play on your smart phone, you can now log in and check
out a video. I have tested it on a smart phone, and it works!

Also, speaking of videos, I am going to be making some
story-behind-the-music videos for my worship songs. I would love to
hear from you what kinds of things you’d like me to cover in these
videos. If you have any specific questions about anything related
to the songs, this is the time to ask.

To see these videos, you’ll need a free membership to my site, so
please head on over there now and sign up [


] if you haven’t already!

Lastly, I really appreciate all of the feedback I’ve been getting
from folks who have been reading these emails and responding. It’s
been really great to interact with you! Thanks!

Until next time…


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