Want to be my Guest at Tomorrow’s Show? No Charge

This is where it pays to be a member of StevePederson.com! Only
members are receiving this special advanced opportunity. Check it

As a reminder, in my email last week, aside from the funny joke I
made, I mentioned that I will be performing at an event tomorrow
night – Monday Sept 22.

This is a going to be a concert sponsored by the FWD Theatre
Project featuring some AMAZING talent! You can find out more
specifics about the event here [ http://fwdtheatre.org/ ].

In any case, the cool thing is…

I am able to have one guest with me in the special VIP lounge where
all the musicians will be hanging out! How cool would that be?

Doors open up at 6pm. The show will be from 8-9:30pm at:

City Winery
1200 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607

This is a sold out show! Who wants to go?

The first person to respond via email with a definite commitment to
be there gets the pass!

Questions are also welcome.

Good luck!

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