What Are You So Excited About?

One morning this past week I asked my daughter what she was excited about that day.

She told me that she was excited about a field trip she was going on to Greek Town in Chicago. She informed me that they had flaming cheese at the restaurant they were going to – and she was really looking forward to that!


Steve Pederson: Musician with a Message

The whole idea of asking my daughter what she was excited about that day was inspired by an interview I heard on a podcast.

Josh Radnor, of the musical duo Radnor and Lee, was being interviewed. He mentioned how his partner Ben Lee gets up every morning thinking about what he’s excited about that day.

That really hit me, and it stuck with me. I found myself asking myself that same question every morning this past week, before I got out of bed.

Man, that put a whole new perspective on things, and I’ll admit there were a couple days where it wasn’t easy.

But, for the most part, it got me thinking about things in a new light. I actually found myself excited to get out of bed and start the day!

If that sounds interesting to you, I’d like to invite you to give it a try. This week, when you wake up in the morning – even before you get out of bed, ask yourself what you’re excited about that day.

If the only thing you can think of is that you have the opportunity to listen to some positive music, then I hope you fully enjoy that experience!

Have a great week!

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