What the Coach Said

Have you ever wondered what the coach said in the locker room during half time to fire up his team? Last Sunday I watched a Panthers-Raiders football game where what the coach said in the locker room had a profound impact on the second half of the game.

It has also had a profound impact on me this past week.

Carolina was down 24-7 at the half. Yep, the same team that was in the Super Bowl last season. They were getting absolutely pummeled by the Raiders. You didn’t think there was any hope for the Panthers. What did coach Rivera say in the locker room during half time?

He told them not to focus on or get overwhelmed by the deficit – what happened in the first half. Just take the game one play at a time.

When they came out, the momentum had completely shifted. All of the sudden, it was Carolina that was trouncing on the Raiders. Carolina scored 18 unanswered points and were leading!

The point here is this – don’t ever give up, no matter how far down you may be or how much momentum you need to overcome from the opposition. Don’t focus on the big picture or you may get overwhelmed. Leave that up to the powers that be. You just focus on doing your very best on the next step that is right in front of you.

One play at a time. One day at a time. One – fill in the blank – at a time.

​​​​​​​Have a great week!

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