Why We Do What We Do

I hope you’ve had a really great week!

Today I held my annual recital for all of my guitar students. For
the last 3 years I have been teaching guitar lessons at the Leaning
Tower YMCA. Each spring I have been holding a recital for all of
the students. We meet in the 9th floor skyline room of the Y. It’s
a really great view, especially on a beautiful day like today.

What was really great about this day was the turnout. Last year
there was about 25 to 30 people, and it seemed like I had more
students last year.

In any case, I wasn’t planning for a big turnout this year. In
fact, I almost didn’t have a recital at all!

What ended up happening, though, was that we had to bring in about
an extra 20 chairs. In all, we had nearly 50 chairs – and they were
all full!

Plus, there was just this really great vibe. Stephanie said that
she thought it was the best recital yet.

Having such a successful event really put some things into
perspective for me, and somehow I feel there is a great lesson in
there that I can take away.

You see, it can be difficult at times giving guitar lessons. I’m
sure that whatever we can find to do in life, even if it’s
something we’re passionate about, can have it’s difficult aspects
to it.

When you look at things on a micro level – the day to day, week to
week stuff, it can hardly seem like things are changing. Sometimes
you can wonder if you’re really making a difference at all. You
might even find yourself wanting to call it quits. You might stop
believing, despite Journey’s encouragement to “Don’t Stop

That’s kind of where I’ve been at…until today. Seeing the impact
what I’m doing is having on the lives of these kids and their
families was a real booster. I started getting excited again about
what I’m doing and the possibilities of greater things down the

Is there something in your life that you’re not feeling
particularly encouraged about? Is there something that you’re
feeling like giving up on? Is there something that you do that
started out with noble intentions, but now you feel like it’s not
really worth it anymore?

Hopefully my story can inspire you to take a step back and get a
fresh perspective and rediscover why it is that you do what you do.


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