Will You Rock Your Cape?

This past week my daughter Carley showed me a book that she recently got. The title of the book is A Girl With a Cape – The True Story About the Superhero in All of Us.

I started taking a look at the book and was immediately struck by the similarity in our message.

I was so inspired, in fact, that I reached out to the author, Amy Logan. We had a great conversation today comparing notes and exchanging stories about our journey.

The thing that we both agreed on is that sometimes you just never know the difference you are making, and that can be a bit challenging. You just have to trust that, if you focus on making a positive impact on others, and take action on doing so, the results will take care of themselves.

We also agreed that it really helps to talk with others who are trying to make a difference and encourage one-another to keep it up.

You do make a difference, because you are the difference!

If you want to check out Amy’s book and the work she is doing, visit her website here [ http://gotyourcape.com/ ]. She has a great campaign going on called the C.A.P.E. campaign. Visit her site now to find out more about it!

Have a great week!

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